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Images are not required to post a news article, but if you do use an image, they can not be removed. They can be changed, they just can't be removed form a story, so make sure you want to have an image before you drag something into the featured image area.

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Edit news items

Here you can change the image and edit the text. As well as delete the post completely.

Do not use the RSS "Copy feed link" feature as it's not working correctly. The CMS developers are looking at the issue.

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    Alerts are messages that appear in warning boxes just above the main picture on the home page. Inclement weather alerts are red boxes, and Intergeneration service (meaning there is no Sunday school), is green. In both cases, the message can be customized and needed to be turned on/off by using the toggle below.

    Inclement weather

    Intergeneration service

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    Header image

    Header images must be 450 pixels high by 1200 wide!

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